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Welcome soul heart friends to our magical juicy home! You are invited to rejuvinate your inner glow   & empower your true essence   with uniquely designed expressive arts playshops & retreats!   

Feel free to kick off your shoes, take a deep nourishing breath, move your body, play with glitter and paintmake some funny noises, & give yourself a big juicy love hug!!!

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Full Moon Workshop series

​  Paint Your dream Year

  ​​Charlotte, NC

 Starts Jan. 26th
Starts Jan. 10th

Lara Printz
"Catalyst Love Warrior"

As your hostess, "Catalyst Love Warrior'',
I give you my heart, my compassion, my commitment to help you realize your dreams, purpose and inner glow inside of miracles, magic, and the divine creative process.

I also have a deep commitment to making a huge difference in the world.  After graduating from Rollins College, I had the honor of serving for 11 years as Program Director of a non-profit overseeing federally funded international professional exchanges, high school leadership exchange programs and multi-cultural events.  I connected with thousands of amazing individuals across the globe and in the local community and found myself intuitively integrating creative cultural immersion opportunities with music, dance, writing and art for my constituencies as often as possible.  I regularly noticed profound healing and empowerment through their creative processes.  
I knew deep down it was my calling to help driven, soulful, and warm hearted individuals to overcome obstacles weighing them down and align with their true essence and inner glow through expressive arts and embodied play.  I eventually completed a 2-year Person-Centered Expressive Arts "Healing & Social Change" graduate certificate program, a year-long Wild Heart Expressive Arts and Intuitive Painting Teacher Training program as well as other somatic movement dance and healing arts trainings.  

Now I will joyfully and lovingly provide the space for you to experience profound healing, power and magic as you tune into your own unique voice and authentic self through a special creative process.  I may sparkle glitter along the way, but the real magic occurs as you boldly and playfully take leaps of faith connecting deep within your heart, soul and wisdom, back to your true self and to your bliss through an expressive arts journey. 

Surprises await you in the creative process.  
You may find yourself letting go of heavy
dialogues in your head as you lovingly and
playfully move and dance into your body, heart and
your soul.  The creative spirit will then guide you deeper as you flow into your subconcious, your wisdom and youthful essence through an exploration with paints, clay, vision boards, nature and other artistic treasures.  You may embody a magical playful canvas infused with soulful body rhythms, glitter, paint, and feather boas.  Then perhaps your wisdom will guide and anchor you deeper as you journal what yearns to be revealed for yourself and for the universe.  

And along the way, you will feel more aligned with your true authentic self, expand your abilities and gifts, as well as share in partnership with other special souls. 

I invite you to experience a sacred glitter dance
where you will feel alive, fulfilled, and courageous in your body, in relationships, at work, at home, and all throughout your life.  This journey is not about the product of art, dance, or writing that you may create. The real juicy treasures occur through you own process, which will have profound awakenings and results for your life.  I am committed that you create the life you love and truly desire. 

I believe in you, in your wondrous self, in your true essence.
I provide compassionate support, allowing you to be free to be and express your authentic spirit, heart, and wisdom. I promise to bring honor, love, empathy, and integrity, as I hold the safe space for your magical journey. W
herever you are in your life is perfect, and know that you are not alone.

          Experience our           Wonderland of 
Magic & Soul
Heart Community.



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Interested in experiencing a new kind of belief system for adults, where our creative fantasies and innate passions are a REAL pathway to our JOY, our Growth, POWER, our VITALITY? 


Come play and discover on our magical journey of Wonder & WOW!!!

Treat yourself to a Special Play Date or retreat & move forward in life with power, freedom, and joy!  

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Juicy Details​

"Mahalo nui for creating a safe and joyful space for me to have a date with my Soulful Essence.  It was a wonderful, playful, joyous and awakening experience for me.  You have a glorious angelic energy about you, which infuses everyone who comes into contact with you.  I am grateful to have met you!"
Allyson Holmes
Vancouver, BC