Island Goddess Dates & Retreats
You are such a beautiful soul and true goddess. You make an incredible difference in the world being you and sharing your light, your gifts and great wisdom.  I am in awww of who you are.
And yet, I know that in the journey of life, it's not always so easy.  We go through rocky moments and through major life transitions.  Sometimes we feel like we loose a piece of ourself, our voice, our ground, clarity in our path, our joy, our power.  
We wonder how we can get through this passage of time, and regain our vitality, our passions, our purpose.  
I want you to know that I "see" you.  You are ready for something more.  You are ready to move beyond this place and those blocks that no longer serve you.  You are ready to align to your true soulful and joyful self, to regain your ground and power.  
I would be honored to be with you, as your support and confidante, to help you access your juicy, goddess self.
With special one on one time, I can  help you get in touch with your true soulful self, with what brings you real joy, happiness, peace, and power.
I will give you spaciousness, deep care and support, to help you  tap into and powerfully express:
  • What does my true voice yearn to communicate?
  • How can I get through this transition?
  • What are my soulful dreams and heart's desires?
  • What obstacles are preventing me from obtaining what I deeply desire?
  • How can I embody my true self, be in my power, and truly love myself and my life on a daily and moment to moment basis?
  • How can I embrace a juicy life?

And a beautiful part of this experience is that you will truly be on an Island goddess retreat.
We will be spending 3 - 5 days together in sacred nature nourishment by the glistening Pacific ocean waters, in lush mountainous jungle, in a lava cave, under a rainbow or next to exotic tropical flowers.  We will connect to the healing power of the diverse beautiful Hawaiian landscapes as we journey deep into soulful nourishment.     

Through an intuitive embodiment, creative and energetic process, we will integrate the external to your internal sacred landscape for a soul purpose detox.  We will explore, release and create from deepen within as we move and dance, play with art and body adornment, sounding, writing reflections, role play, and experience mindfullness. 
We will continue to take the process deeper as we integrate the support of the sacred Hawaiian landscapes. We will nourish and cleanse our body and self with glistening pacific sea salt waters.  We will tap into a deeper part of our soul's purpose.
We may be relaxing at a comfy retreat get-away.  We will explore in environments that feel warm and nurturing. 
I will bring luscious supplies -
*(Art & Writing) Oil pastels, paints, glitter, markers, paper, colored pens
*(Dance) Boas, silk scarves, streamers, bubbles, light up dance toys 
*(Body Decor) Body glitter & crayons, makeup, jewels, masks  
*(Music) Bells, tambourines, moroccos & rain sticks, cool recordings   
These are just a few of the many treasures we can play with.
We will have some serious girl time to -
*BE in nature
*Goddess Dress up Fun
*Move into our bodies & dance
*Play with musical instruments
*Role play to release and to empower our dreams
*Sound, scream, cry, laugh, snort
*Create with arts and craft 
*Journal our reflections, dreams and actions we want to anchor
We will explore in the Sacred Hawaiian Playground
as we swim with dolphins

Most of all, I want you to feel alive and empowered with your amazing whole self!  I want you to feel nurtured and in love with yourself and your life.  
I want to empower your playful spirit  and beautiful soul.  

Us divine ladies need to nurture our soul regularly, 
But sometimes we forget that, or we are not clear what that truly means.

aybe you are going through a major life transition.   Maybe you feeling ungrounded, anxious, and sad. Maybe you deeply desire some changes and you want more clarity and support on this path.  Maybe you desire more fun and creative self-expression.