Slumber Party
​Phone-Skype Date
Expressive Fun,
Special Girl Time​

Every Slumber Party Date will be unique and intuitive.  I will “meet” you wherever you are, and we will address whatever you desire to explore. 
I invite you to trust in yourself, in the process; to be courageous at times; to play, love, and honor your true self.

This is for you if:
  • You want some fun and empowering girl time
  • You want to explore any areas of your life
  • You need support through a major transition
  • You want to feel lighter, joyful, aliveness, power, and clarity 
  • You want to dance, write, create art 
  • You want to release barriers weighing you down
  • You want to design your future
  • You want to feel aligned with your true self
  • You want a convenient location & time
  • You want a mini recharge


Slumber Party
​Phone-Skype Date

Slumber Party Details:
  • A dress-up fun
  • Theme of choice
  • ​Guidance and space
  • Confidential & empowering conversations
  • Creative Explorations - art, movement & dance, sounding, writing
  • Laughter, tears, hugs, honoring and love
  • Possible “We Scream” Party, assortment of flavors
  • Location of your choice
  • Phone, Skype or Facetime
  • 1 Hour

Slumber Party
​Phone-Skype Date

Suggested Supplies:
  • Art: markers, paint and/or acrylics
  • Writing: pens, paper/journal
  • Ambiance: Candle, Flowers, pillow, blanket
  • Dress-up in whatever way brings you joy and love
  • Any other supplies that bring you joy
  • Water, hot tea, or fresh fruit smoothie

Slumber Party
​Phone-Skype Date​​
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