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What's Sparkling in the Glitter Lounge!

Along the Trail of Magic and Glitter
Once upon a time….
There was a vibrant young girl whose heart was filled with such joy, magic and love.  All she wanted to do was sparkle glitter all through out her path, until one day, she ran into some gooey glue monsters who told her “no no no young lady, you are doing it wrong.  You need to hold your glitter back so you don’t make such a mess.”  So the vibrant young girl listened, and gradually grew dimmer as she began to shy away from her sparkle.  Each day her glitter died, and she became sadder, quieter, almost invisible.

One day she came across a fairy flower heart mother, who took notice of the dispirited girl's sadness.  “My dear!” she yelled out.  “You have lost your glitter!  We need to find and revive your trail, so that you can shine your sparkling light into the world!  You see, you are a very special dear one, and we need you to shine your vibrant light full out!  Our world longs for your magical sparkles!

So the fairy flower heart mother and the young girl went out into the misty meadow fields.  They searched day and night for the magical trail of glitter until the sparkly moment arrived where the girl had an epiphany.  She quickly gathered flowers, sticks and straw and spent some time playing with these beautiful artful treasures she found in nature. Soon enough, her magical wand was born and the vibrant wise girl held it high and with the utmost confidence declared "I have found my glitter again!  I will sparkle my light and magic for all to receive." The fairy flower heart mother was so pleased with the transformation of this special soul who newly found her ground, her joy, her true path upon this magical journey.  And this was only the beginning.

Now the vibrant wise girl, known as princess of magical sparkly hearts, continues to glow and share her beautiful gifts everywhere she chooses.  She even came across the gooey glue monsters, and gave them glitter, and watched them emerge ever more brightly and lightly. She is following her dreams and turns all her paths into glitter magic.

And the fairly flower heart mother continued on her path as well, making a difference and sparkling love, magic and glitter for all to recieve.

The beginning!!!
Do you ever have gooey glue monsters on your path?  Maybe you have experienced "self-doubt, self-sabotaging" monsters in your head trying to hold you back or weigh you down.  How can you find your true path and shine your magnificent vibrant light?  
I know for me and my bold unique fantasyland of self-expression,  I am truly overjoyed when I feel that I help brighten someone's day along with impacting new revelations for their dreams and desires.  Sometimes I find myself boldly sharing my unique gifts, even when it doesn't feel perfect and all wise.  I confront my "gooey self-doubt  monsters" and give them and myself love and a compassionate sparkle and I move on to share and expand myself and my unique gifts.  When I connect deep within and believe in who I am, I am more available to make a real contribution to others. To truly help them connect to their true self, their dreams and desires and to support them in shining their beautiful radiant light.
I invite you to notice if and when you diminish your self and your light.
Who are your gooey monsters and how can you confront and release them from your mind, energy, and body so that you can move forward with power, ground, and ease?
The more they are suppressed and tolerated, the harder it is to move forward and you are just surviving through it all.  
Sometimes I scream from the top of my lungs in my car.  Then I play music that speaks to my soul and sing really loud.  Nearby drivers may find me dancing in my car too.  
How can you empower your true self, your voice, and your desired path?
Perhaps you desire to create your own magic wand and declare your heart's true desires.  Maybe express yourself through sounding, dancing, playing with clay, painting, collaging, writing, connecting with trusting friends or with nature. 
I recently guided an expressive arts experience for a woman who realized she lived in a world of "I should do this for you, and I should do that for you" and she was constantly "doing" everything for everyone except for herself.  I invited her to reenact what "doing" meant to her, and she slowly dragged her body, moaning as if she were pulling a giant boulder from the ground.  Ultimately she fell to the floor, with no more energy to move her body or feel joy in her spirit.
I invited her to objectively look at her body on the ground by taking on the role of her lifeless body.  I asked her some questions, like what else could she have in her life if she was no longer doing everything for everyone else?   Who else could she become if she no longer took on that self-sacrificing role?  She began to light up as she raised her arms and opened voice, allowing herself to feel the freedom from that which was dragging her down and holding her back. 

With a giant smile on her face she declared her new self as a Creative Playful Healer.
There are so many ways we can reconnect to our  ground, our true sparkle and spirit, and align with our greatest passions and dreams.
You see, you are a very special dear one, and we need you to shine your vibrant light full out!  Our world is in desperate need for your magic and glitter.