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Dare   YOU  to

Catalyst Love Warrior

Yes, YOU, my sweet friend!!!  You are beautiful!  You are amazing!  I want to see you shine and beam with your gorgeous joy & spirit essence!  You deserve it!!!

What Deeply Rejuvinates & Inspires You?  

So who is this soul
that often adorns herself in
feathers, sparkles and paint?

Hello sweet Love,

I am Lara Printz, Catalyst Love Warrior, also named after Larissa, "Lara" in the movie, Dr. Zhivago.  Born in the Big Apple, but raised Jewish in the deep South of Birmingham, Alabama, I grew up in a city that had once been privy to major discrimination uproar and social change. I was always sensitive to the human heart.  No matter the culture, the religion, the body type, the background, the gender, the age, the human being, I never wanted anyone to feel left out.

To this day, I deeply hold this value.  I want all human beings to know they are dearly special, beautiful, and loved.  Your presence is a gift to us.  Your unique qualities are much needed in this world.  You are naturally gorgeous and charming!  Your joy and happiness is precious.  You are precious.   
The archetype name, Catalyst Love Warrior, came to me while attending an intuitve painting Goddess workshop, I realized that this name describes a trait in me that I want to honor, hone, and powerfully embrace.  People often tell me that I have been a catalyst for them, connecting them to something greater for themselves and for their life.  I also deeply connect to this name as I hold retreats and workshops.  When I embody the Catalyst Love Warrior, I am a committed listener, an open heart, a magical Love sparkle, an energetic change agent. I know this is an innate gift I have, and I want to share it with you and with the universe at large.

Sometimes I play with other spirit archetype names too.

Magical Love Fairy

Playful Power BABY

Innovative Visionary Genius

Sparkling Bad Ass

I also want you to discover and declare your true self, in a way that gives you power, clarity, and joy.  I weave in opportunities for you to discover your spirit essence and archetype name in many of our workshops together. 

Childhood Credentials

Raised in the bible belt and introduced to many cultures and religions while traveling to 25 countries)

An avid theatre performer and singer, which began in first grade thanks to my famed "Eat the Four Food Groups" song I championed in the bath tub, and soon after starred as Leading Lady Lara in "The Letter People Circus".  

Athlete (for example, runner-up state champion basketball free throw shooter and High School Softball MVP).

Involvement with multi-cultural and social justice organizations such as NCCJ and Girl Scouts, and volunteered in numerous rural communities.

Summer camp veteran....15 + years experience.....I deserve an honorary PHD in this one.

Adult Professional Credentials

Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Languages from Rollins College.  Conversational to fluent
in French, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, English and Russian. 

For 11 years, Program Director for non-profit, International House.  I oversaw international professional and high school leadership exchange programs for approx. 4,000 participants, through federally funded programs. 

I performed song and guitar repertoires at numerous venues around the world, such as the U.S. Department of State, the Strasbourg Music Festival (Festival de Musique de Strasbourg), and the Alabama Symphony Orchestra.  I also performed 
alongside rural communities in Guatemala and Dominican Republic and with thousands of international leaders visiting Charlotte, NC. I always felt music was a common language, and a playful and a beautiful way to help everyone easily connect and express themself.   

I oversaw multi-cultural programs such as Doorways International Women's Group, Language Conversation Hours, International Book Club.  I developed and oversaw special events such as: A Taste of Tea & Zen, Arts as a Universal Language, International Story Time, International Poetry Night, and A Children’s World of Play.

In 2010, I created a juicy women's network group called JASD, Juicy Art & Soul Darlings.  I had a dream to support and empower women all over the world through developing creative, soulful community workshops.  We had several workshops, events, and gatherings, and close realtionships were formed.
Adult Catalyst Life Changes
I took a leap of faith....huge changes were on the horizon.......

I flew on an airplane only to realize 8 months later that I had sat next to the man I would spend the rest of my life with. We had a magical wedding, and spent our honeymoon (with a 1-way ticket) for a year in Hawaii.  I took a sabbatical from the job I had for 11 years... a dream job that I loved that provided a HUGE sense of identity for me and where I had the opportunity to meet so many amazing people from around the world.  But at a certain point I realized I no longer wanted to be “on" 24/7, continually troubleshooting and living a stretched thin lifestyle.  While in Hawaii, I handed my Program Director torch to a fine colleague I knew would handle my former job with grace and poise.  I realized my next dream career had already been in the works, but was now ready for a radical shake-up awakening and revealing in the arena of the expressive arts.

Certificate Courses in California and Hawaii

May 2013 – July 2013
​Feng Shui Certification Training 
Design your Destiny, Deepen your Mastery, Life Purpose Activation
New Earth Alchemy
(with Marta Barreras, Evolutionary Catalyst) 

August 2013 – August 2015
Expressive Arts Therapy for Healing and Social Change: A Person-Centered Approach Certificate Program 
Sofia University
(with Natalie Rogers, Ph.D., REAT)

May 2014 – February, 2015
Master Faciliator of Intuitive Painting and the Expressive Arts
Wild Heart Expressive Arts Teacher Training Program
(with Chris Zydel, MA)

June 2015
Magnetic Goddess Immersion
The Sacred School of Living Arts (20 hours)
YA CEU (20 hours)
(with Sofia Thom, E-RYT 200)

March 2017
The Tara Approach for the Resolution of Shock and Trauma
A Program of the Dom Project
Introductory Level Training
(with Eloise Schafer)

I have studied under pioneers and leaders in the somatic movement, dance, expressive and healings arts world including:

Natalie Rogers, daughter of Carl Rogers, and founder of Person-Centered Expressive Arts Therapy;

The art of facilitating intuitive painting and expressive arts retreats with the Wild Heart Queen, Chris Zydel;

Movement dance and life-arts process from Anna Halprin and Daria Halprin, founders of the Tamalpa Institute;

Performance and Healing Dance Arts and Yoga wisdom from Sofia Thom, Founder of Danyasa yoga, and world-reknown dance performance artist;

Eugene Hedlund, Gaia Leadership Embodiment; 

Fung Shui Master and alchemy expert with Marta Bareras.
Workshops + Retreats I have Offered

I have been leading numerous workshops to adults and teens from all over the world both as solo offerings and as collaborations.

Nourish your Soul: A Creative Spa Retreat


Sacred Closure

Whispers of your Inner Wisdom


Tuning into your Magical Self

Exploring your Sacred Element
Invigorate your Soul to Blossom

Cultural Soul Series

We are Super Heroes

Celebrate your Spirit Essence

Harp & Soul: Journey within

Harp & Soul: Spiraling within & without

Tuning into your Mind, Body, Spirit

Empower your Genius with Imagination

Source your Sacred Body Wisdom

Joyfully Celebrate your true Essence 

Envision your Juicy New Year

Assisted Beth Breedlove: Magical Fairy Tale Life

Assisted Katherine Kirk: Journey to your Self

Assisted Chris Zydel: The Art of Goddess Creation

Island Goddess Retreat

Paint Your Inner Dolphin Retreat

Soul Sparkle Online Retreat

​Soul Paint