You are already a phenominal woman. 

Yet there there is more you crave to feel, to exerience, to express, to cultivate so that you are fully enriched and aligned on your path.

You have this inner light that sparkles within you.

Yet you have somewhat dimmed your brilliant, joyful light so that you don't come across as too much, too out there, or not enough.

​You have a big mission in the world.

​Yet you have gotten very comfortable tolerating predictable painful patterns and routines that already exist so that big mission dream seems impossible or unreachable.

Are you ready to get out of your own way, and allow the rainbow path to be the way?​​

Be​gins April 21rst
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What’s included in this course?

​-A 6 week expression project to help you get clear, shift your perspective, and develop a personalized structure so that you get out of your way and allow your dreams to fly.

- Weekly live and recorded zoom parties to activate your elemental bliss powers so you tune into what turns you on and brings you innate joy and aliveness.  Learn how to harness the power of nature's elements to bring in more confidence, stability, balance, energy awareness, better relationships, ease within and lots of fun!  

-1- 2 weekly activities to empower your radiance and playful spirit so that you feel aligned and inspired by how you experience yourself and by how the world sees you. Get ready to tap into your creative spirit, transform inner blocks, and powerfully shine in your unique brilliance. 

-6 weeks of accountability and support via private Facebook group so that you can express yourself and your discoveries in a safe and loving container. Experience the gift of feeling seen and appreciated and witnessing others as you expand yourself in new ways.

When does this begin?

The Rainbow Path is a 6-week juicy online event that begins Sunday, April 21rst. 

The sparkle rate is $177. 

Join with a friend for the Rainbow Buddy Rate, $147 each.

Sound rainbowlicious?  Let's begin your rainbow path!​​

​​Sign up via Paypal to

​(Optional payment plans available). 

How I Discovered The Rainbow Path
Tapping into the rainbow vortex energy regularly creates miracles for me.  

The song "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" by Izzy always comes on for my husband and I in the exact moment we could use a little extra "eye to eye" compassion.

Last year I was pregnant delighting in the magical changes that were blossoming in my body and spirit.  There is a reason I kept been calling this growing little love in my belly "Little Rainbow". 

Marrying my husband and having a baby at this time in our lives...(I am currently 42, my husband 60) has required bold communications, bold trust, bold actions and bold surrender along our path.

I honestly couldn't imagine being more in love and more appreciative of these 2 beautiful miracles who add so much joy and fulfillment to my life.

So while painting a rainbow goddess at a magical retreat this past year, I got clear on a few things.

1) I need to get out of my way.  
2) I am supposed to help women get out of their way.
3) The rainbow path is the way.
My dear friend Kyala and I are sparkling above with her "Passion Unveiled" painting and my "Rainbow Goddess" at the Creativity Unleashed retreat on the Big Island of Hawaii.​​​​​​​
So are you ready to get out of your way and begin your rainbow path?

Join The Rainbow Path now!!

Sign up via Paypal to

Sparkle Rate - $197
Rainbow Buddy Rate - $147

Send me an email with any questions or comments to lara@juicyartandsoul.com.

Whatever you may be dealing with, I would love to help you find your way on the rainbow path.

I see you, and am in awe by who you are.  I would be honored to support you, and your living an authentically passionate life.

With all my Juicy Love,

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Lara Printz is a certified person-centered expressive arts and intuitive painting practitioner and founder of Juicy Art & Soul, LLC. She helps you liberate your true self, access joy and empower your playful spirit and inner voice through meditation, movement & art.