6 Weeks

Soul Sparkle Series

Online Retreat

Begins Jan. 9



Playful Inspiration

Aloha beautiful light,

Remember when you were that wondrous dreamy child, filled with life, imagination, & fascination?
  • Scribbling beautiful art with crayons
  • Relentlessly voicing your desires
  • Making up fascinating stories, games and skits with close friends
  • Collecting lovely flowers for your hair
  • Dreaming of what you want to be when you grow up

Where is that radiant dreamer now?

I want you to know that you are so very special and loved.  You are a precious gift in the world.  You deserve to have an amazing life where your dreams and heart's desires can come true!  

When you are lit up, feeling joy, plafylly bold, and loving your life, your friends and family feel rejuvinated and deeply inspired by you!  Life becomes so much easier, fun, and expansive!

I invite you to fall in love with your true self again, feel nutured and aligned, and manifest your your dreams on a 6-week Soul Sparkle Series!   

As an expressive arts faciliator and retreat guide, I help people to liberate their true self, access joy and empower their playful spirit and inner voice.    
I would love to support you in bringing that special magic, power, and joy back into your life where anything is possible.

And we will have so much fun together!!!      

Empower Your Aliveness & Alignment

Create a Clear Pathway
for Living a Richer,
more Vibrant and Fulfilling 

Reconnect with Your
Wise Inner Child &
Joyful Sparkle

How this works?

You get to bring the soul sparkle experience with you wherever you are in your life!

The retreat will include the following:

  • Private "Soul Sparkle" facebook group
    This is a safe container for communicating ongoingly with your soul sparkle tribe.  I will support you on FB throughout our time together. 

  • Daily emails + Video Prompts 
    I will faciliate meditations, mindfulness movement-dances, art activities with a committment that you tap into what deeply moves you and what you long for.
  • 3 Live Zoom Group Video Conference Calls for being able to converse and see your soul sparkle tribe in real time.  

  • I will also offer mindfulness tools and guidance for how to integrate your soul sparkle into all areas of your life!

  • Supplies - each week I will offer suggestions of supplies for different assignments such as art supplies and journaling.  

Deepen Confidence &
Connection in Your

New topics each week
designed for your soul to sparkle!

Week 1: Renew Your Committment to your True & Treasured Self
Through a mind-body visceral experience, we will enter into a magical portal embodying your true essence along with the most vibrant treasures your heart and soul could ever hope for. 

Week 2: Clearing the path into your vibrant spirit well

I invite you to a journey of grace and compassion.  Let's connect to the heart and solar plexus, and release anything which weighs you down. Cleansing the way for true soul nourishment.

Week 3: Nuturing Your Inner Spa Oasis
Nature, Art, schedule vision board party 
It's time to retreat into your nature art cottage dream vacation./ that which netures your .  Imagine soothing your soul and purify your senses with the most nurturing, loving, pampering, get away back to your deserving self. 

Week 4: Sparkles of Inspiration

You deserve it!  You are meant to dance in life with the utmost aliveness, giddiness, joy, and appreciation. Let's boldly play with that which wildly inspires you!!! 

Week 5: Living the Dream
It's all perspective.  You can design it, own it, empower it. What is stopping you? This is your life.  You get to choose how you want to live it. I want to support you in living your dreams!!!  

Weel 6:  Ignite Your Radiante Dazzle
Now that you have a plethora of new tools and treasures that you can pull from, what do you want now? Let's celebrate your sparkle in the world!  Boldly, Joyfully, lovingly!!