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Remarks from Participants
for Lara and her
Juicy Art & Soul!!!

"Lara Printz is a loving and generous spirit who brings her vivacious energy to everything she does. Part of what makes her a wonderful Expressive Arts teacher is her inherent creativity, authenticity and inner freedom. She embodies what she teaches, as she is fun, playful, courageous in her daily life, as well as in her workshops.
I was blessed with the opportunity to have taken one of her workshops (Soul Sparkle Dance) in Kona, Hawaii. Lara created a space that was completely free of judgement and full of magic. She has the gift of being able to tune into others and make them feel incredibly special.
I felt honored, sacred and nurtured by Lara in her workshop. Her sense of freedom made it easier for me to tap into my own playful self, be visible, while feeling safe, which gave me greater freedom to express myself.
If you're looking to open to more of who you are and tap into your creative side, you have got to check her out!''
-Melody Idakaar 
BodyQuirks Wellness

What Are Your Dreams?

"Lucky you if you have found your way to Lara Printz!  Lara has a deeply intuitive sense for what is needed. She listens with an astounding empathy and understanding – helping your most deeply tucked away hurt and anger surface.
In her workshop, I realized the degree in which I had no self love. To my astonishment, I was able to detect that I was in fact  an empty shell. Through movement, I was able to first detect the emptiness within myself and then fill myself up with love.
Trust that your time with Lara Printz will be well spent. Trust that within your own body, the answers are hidden, and that from within your own body, divine healing awaits – leaving you forever whole and a greater sense of who you are and the gifts that are yours to share with the world.
Lara is a powerful healer.   When my best friend’s eight year old son died of brain cancer, Lara went with me to their home and with her music and joyous spirit, she brought healing and lifted a heavy grief from my best friend’s family. 
It is impossible to be in Lara Printz’s space without something shifting within yourself.  Trust  yourself to travel with her into the unknown spaces of your heart! Her methods are unconventional, but so is the depth of healing.
So trust her! Trust her process. And consider yourself blessed.''
Thank you Lara. I love you!!
-Cydne Watterson
Healing Oasis

"Lara's playshops were energizing and engaging experiences, which  supported me in releasing pain and embracing my vibrant and creative self.  She artfully mixes movement, arts, and group sharing.  I feel more grounded and confident, and after her first workshop, I engaged more openly at work meetings.  If you are looking to be more playful and vibrant in your life, you found it."
-Laura Wade
Big Island HI

"I feel content, I looked in the mirror this morning and spoke out loud to myself and smiled, no tears, just felt good. Thank you for helping me open up during our time together, I do not do that often and probably not enough... Thank you for making me feel so comfortable and loved when we were together. You are such a beautiful soul, an angel so to speak. Your aura of energy that surrounds you is such beauty and so bright. You are so special to have such a wonderful gift and I thank you for sharing your heart with me. You are truly a goddess of all aspects of life...You are so beautiful inside and out!"

-April Haywood
Big Island, HI     

"I felt so incredibly safe with the group
of woman. So many different feelings came out of me.  I was very intuitive about what i wanted to bring to the workshop .
I brought photos of my sister,  my own art materials,  my art journal..I even brought a small grey blue heart shaped urn.  I asked if we could pass it around and everyone hold it.  Everyone was so compassionate and loving.
The whole experience felt so validating.  I am very grateful that I attended this workshop, took risks, gained more insight and lightened  my load of grief."
Charlotte, NC

"I love taking Lara’s fun, whimsical and soul filled workshops, especially since her style really speaks to my soul and goes to places I need nourishing. 
I tend to be a very serious person deep down even though I put on a fun playful mask, but in reality, I just don’t feel fun and playful deep down.  Lara somehow helps me to tap into that playful little girl inside. 
And when I am painting, MAGICALLY, Lara prods and encourages me to tap into something deeper.
I can tell Lara takes her workshops she presents seriously with all the care, love, and abundance she brings to the table. 
I would love to come to another!
Thank you Lara!''
-Jennifer Pocurrull
Soulstory ARts

"Lushness + Abundance + Generosity + Soul Nourishment + A whole lot of fantabulous = LARA! 
Come to the land of enchantment.'' 
-Donelle Howelle
Spokane, WA

I love being in your expressive arts classes!  You create such a beautiful, magical, caring fun space to explore creativity and play.  I love the healing and deep insights I experience through these fun experiences with movement, play, and soul-nourishing activities.
Thank you!!!!''
Beth Breedlove
Menlo Park, CA

"Lara brings an abundance of playfulness to her workshops.  She is gifted in making everyone feel comfortable and relaxed.  You will leave feeling filled from head to toe!''
–Terri Miller-Decker
Champaign, IL

"Lara is a creative genius.  She balances fun and insight like a true master.  She always has an abundance of treats at her fingertips to nourish your soul.  She provides endless choices and comfort and lovingly guides you to love yourself and life!''
-Nadia Munarolo-Kurjata  

"Lara: You weave a luscious beautiful tapestry of experiences in your teaching.  You are beyond generous with the variety of play & joy you offer your students.  You take very seriously the role of being in service to your students and the muse.  The people who find you will be very lucky to have entered your lush world.''           
-Julie Stuart
Soul Sensuality

Your beauty and generosity shined in the soul spa.  Kindness and welcoming, attention to detail, and beauty, flow and choices, care for individuals. There was a lot of FUN with sparkles and playfulness and we all followed you.  I loved the flow and energy from the circle to the bathroom, and to the makeup and soul boxes.  Really well-paced. Time for all of it.  Just what I needed and room to make it what I needed.

You stepped into my world and went along with me.  Encouraged me to pour on the honey, paint the flowers, add the bees, reflecting my feeling of openness and love.  You were responsive. I felt seen and heard and supported.  I felt you were there for me.

Had a lot of fun helping you with the video.  You look great in a tree!''

-Lissa Miner
Seoul, Korea

"To Lara
What a fabulous soul spa workshop!  You created such a loving, supportive, fun and deeply relaxing environment.  You gently and creatively led us through such a wide range of experiences, guiding us deeper at each stage while offering yet more fun and play.
And your painting facilitation was great.  I felt deeply supported by you at the same time as your questions challenged me.''

-Sandra Whisler
Oakland, CA

"Lara is a gift.  She is so positive and loving and affirming and creative and energetic – to the uninitiated observer they might not realize it is also genuine and heartfelt and it is.  She is the most present, joy-filled woman that I have met and wish I could taker her with me wherever I go!''
-Suzanne Ostersmith
Spokane, WA